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20 Best African Food in Dubai

20 Best African Food in Dubai - Snacks For Any Occasion

If you are a food lover, you already know that Africa is a continent of many different cuisines. Not only that, its diversity is also reflected in snacks. Also, African snacks are delicious and an expression of tradition. They are made with simple recipes. Let's explore the best African Food in Dubai. The best thing about African snacks is that you can enjoy them anytime. These dishes are the best ideas for parties, picnics, and hangouts with friends and family. Are you spending a lot of time looking for an African sweet or spicy snack menu in Dubai? So please sit back, relax, and let us take you on a culinary journey of Africa as we explore the 20 best African snacks for all events.


20 Best African Snacks for Any Occasion

Here are 20 popular snacks in Africa with the best recipes to prepare them:


Chin Chin Dubai – Best Snack Ideas

Chin Chin is a crunchy snack popular across West Africa, especially in Nigeria, and is one of the quick snacks to make. It is made from a simple flour, sugar, milk, and butter dough, then cut into small pieces and fried until golden brown. Also, Chin Chin can be seasoned with various spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, or vanilla, giving it a unique flavor. You can enjoy this popular Nigerian snack as breakfast with tea or eat it as a dessert after a meal. Chin Chin is available in Dubai online super shops.


Biltong - Top snacks In Dubai

Biltong is one of the most popular snacks in South Africa. It's a dried meat snack similar to beef jerky but with a unique flavor. Biltong is usually made from beef but can also be made from game such as ostrich, kudu, or springbok. It's one of the best snack foods in its range, and it's high in protein and low fat, making it a healthy option for you. Biltong is a food rich in B vitamins, especially vitamin B12.


Peanut Burgers - With Top Bun burger

Peanut burgers are one of the popular choice snacks in Nigeria, especially among young adults and school children. This Nigerian snack is made by coating groundnuts (peanuts) and then frying them. It's easy, cheap, and one of the quick snacks on the go. Also, peanut burgers are on the list of easy snacks to make for a casual African get-together.


Samosa - Best Bites to Eat in Dubai

If you're looking for snack food ideas for small chops in an African setting, samosas should be at the top of your list. They are triangular shaped pastries filled with spiced vegetables or meat. Such as potatoes, peas, onions, and beef or chicken. Also, samosas are usually fried until crispy and can be enjoyed hot or cold by your friends and family.


Kuli Kuli - Peanut cake


Kuli kuli is a crunchy, nutty snack. It's made from groundnuts (peanuts) and is one of the famous road snacks in West Africa, particularly in Nigeria. It is made by roasting groundnuts, grinding them into a fine powder, mixing them with spices, and shaping them into balls or sticks. Although most people prefer to eat kuli kuli with other African foods like garri. You can choose to eat it alone as a snack.


Kala - Best healthy food recipes 


Kala is a sweet snack popular in East Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Kenya. It is made from mashed bananas mixed with flour, sugar, and spices such as cinnamon. The mixture is deep fried until golden brown resulting in a crispy exterior and sweet, soft inside. Kala is often enjoyed as a snack or dessert and can be served with honey or powdered sugar on any occasion.


Biscuits in Dubai UAE

Biscuits may be one of the most popular snacks in Africa, as many different varieties are available. Notwithstanding, the most popular types of biscuits in Africa are sweet and crispy and often enjoyed with tea or coffee. Also, some popular biscuit brands in the West African region include Cabin Biscuits, HardTack Biscuits, Rich Tea Biscuits, etc. Biscuits are often served as a snack at social gatherings or events. Such as weddings or parties are also commonly eaten as a quick snack between meals. They are also one of the favorite snacks among kids, so you should pay attention to including biscuits in their lunch boxes.


Kachumbari Salad - Easy diet food recipes for weight loss

Kachumbari salad is a perfect choice if you need an easy snack for personal consumption. It's a popular dish in East Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania. It is made from tomato, onion, coriander, and lime juice. You can also have this food for weight loss and muscle gain. It is one of the most readily available snacks at home. Kachumbari salad is also fresh, healthy, and perfect for hot weather. These snacks are your best choice for the hot weather in Dubai.


Kokoro - African food in Dubai

Kokoro is a crispy snack made of cornmeal and spices. It is a popular dish in southwestern Nigeria, especially among the Yoruba people. It is made by mixing cornmeal, spices, and water into a dough. Then, they roll into small balls and flatten into disks. The discs are fried until crisp and golden brown. Like many others, cocoro can be eaten with a spicy sauce or dip.


Dankwa (Groundnut cake)

Made with cornmeal and groundnut, Dankwa is one of the tasty Nigerian snacks to eat on the go. It is a popular snack, especially in Northern Nigeria, and it is also known as groundnut cake. You can make this snack by mixing peanut powder, chili powder, peanut oil, and a little water to form a dough. Many like to bite Dankwa in bits to feel the spicy nut like taste on their palate. You should try it too!


Dabo Kolo - Best Snack Ideas

Dabo Kolo is a crunchy snack popular in Ethiopia. It's made from wheat flour, spices, and water, rolled into small balls, and deep fried until crispy. The spices used in Dabo Kolo can vary, but they typically include chili powder, cumin, and coriander, giving the snack a flavorful and slightly spicy taste. Like most African snacks, you can enjoy Dabo Kolo with tea or coffee. It's also often served as a snack during festivals such as weddings.


Suya - South african meat dishes

Suya is a spicy grilled meat skewer. It is popular in West Africa and is one of the delicious snacks to make for any event. It is made with thinly sliced beef, chicken, or goat meat, which is marinated in a mixture of spices such as garlic, ginger, and cumin and then grilled over an open flame. It depends on your preference. You can serve your suya with sliced onions, tomatoes, spice, or salad.


Puff Puff - West Africa Food in Dubai

Puff Puff is a sweet fried dough snack popular in West Africa and serves any occasion. It is made with flour, yeast, sugar, and water, then deep fried until golden brown. You can serve puff puff as a snack or dessert, plain or with powdered sugar.


Bofrot (Ghanaian Donuts)

Puff Puff is a sweet fried dough snack popular in West Africa and serves any occasion. It is made with flour, yeast, sugar, and water, then deep fried until golden brown. You can serve puff puff as a snack or as a dessert. It can be enjoyed plain or with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.


Roasted Plantain Chips

Roasted plantain chips are popular in West Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana. They are thinly sliced plantain roasted until crispy and are among the simple snacks to eat while relaxing. Also, like other snacks, roasted plantain chips can be enjoyed on their own or with a dip.


Mshikaki - Best African Snack Ideas

Mshikaki is one of the best snacks you can order for your East African sunset event. It is a popular snack in East Africa, especially in Tanzania and Kenya. This snack is a grilled meat skewer with spices, garlic, and ginger. In addition, Mshikaki can be made with any meat, but beef and chicken are the most popular choices.


Akara - Delicious healthy food recipes

Akara, or bean cake, is a savory snack made from black eyed peas or beans. These peas are blended into a paste with onions, peppers, and spices, then deep fried until golden brown. Also, there is no doubt that Akara is an excellent snack for any occasion and can be served with various dips, including tomato sauce, mayonnaise, or even hot sauce. Additionally, you can enjoy this snack at home with other African food like Akamu (Pap), garri, or even bread.


Brik - Sasy healthy snack recipes 

Brik is a popular North African snack that originated in Tunisia. It is a pastry similar to a samosa. The filling is made with eggs, onions, tuna, and harissa (a spicy paste made from peppers and spices). The pastry is typically fried until crispy, and the egg filling is perfectly cooked, resulting in a delicious savory snack. Brik can be enjoyed as a meal or as a snack. It is often served with a side of harissa for an extra kick of spice, depending on how you like it.


Meat Pie - South african meat dishes

Meat pies can be an easy snack to curb your hunger. Meat pies are a delicious snack that you can consider adding to your snack menu. It is made from a dough of flour, butter, and water and then filled with a mixture of seasoned beef or chicken, onions, and peppers. Additionally, meat pies can be served as a stand-alone snack or side dish with various dips, including ketchup, mayonnaise, or hot sauce.


Coconut Candy

Last on our list of best snacks in Africa is coconut candy, a sweet treat made from grated coconut, sugar, and water. This mixture is cooked until it thickens and cools before being cut into small pieces. So, coconut candy is a perfect snack if you have a sweet tooth.


Bottom Line for Best African Snacks in Dubai

African snacks are easy to make and come with the best recipes that glimpse the continent's rich cultural heritage. Whether you're familiar with African cuisine or new to it, we encourage you to try some of these snacks, and there's no better place to find them than myDelbina. So gather your friends and family, and indulge in some African snacks. We guarantee that you will be satisfied!



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