About us


Transforming from our roots as providers of African and Caribbean groceries and foodstuffs, myDelbina.com has evolved into the ultimate online destination for foodstuffs and groceries with a worldwide flavor. 

Experience a world of flavors at myDelbina.com! As a trusted name in the UAE, we've expanded beyond African and Caribbean origins to curate a diverse range of food items and groceries from across the globe. From the heart of the Motherland to the vibrant streets of Dubai, myDelbina.com connects you to a spectrum of culinary delights.

Savor the essence of distant lands with our carefully selected offerings. Embark on a culinary journey from India to the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, Nigeria to France, all within the comfort of your UAE home. Seeking something truly exotic? Explore our catalog at mydelbina.com or simply ask us – we're here to fulfill your foodie dreams.

Meet 'Delby,' your dedicated shopping companion, expertly guiding you through our world of flavors. Whether it's pairing ingredients for traditional recipes or introducing non-natives to the richness of diverse cuisines from around the World, Delby is your gateway. 

Delbina Trading LLC - FZ stands proud as a licensed distributor of premium food items, groceries, and spices in the UAE. We started out with African and Caribbean items but we have expanded. Drawing from years of experience, we continue our commitment to offering only the finest products, each resonating with authenticity.

The passion for authenticity sparked the creation of myDelbina store. Our pursuit of exceptional flavors fuels our mission to source the finest food products and spices. Beyond spices, our shelves hold a trove of foods and groceries, catering to diverse tastes and preferences, setting trends along the way. 

Unveil the seamless world of shopping for your groceries and foodstuffs with myDelbina – Where Culture Meets Cuisine. Explore our extensive array of products and let your culinary adventure begin today!



Premium Quality Products

At Delbina Trading LLC-FZ, we take pride in our authentic and high-quality products. This is because we source the best spices from West Africa and the Caribbean. For other foods, we source them from local vendors, thus promoting local business.

Fast Delivery

At Delbina Trading LLC-FZ, our team is available 7 days a week to process all your orders, ensuring your items get to you fresh and in the best quality. We provide same day delivery options and use local delivery riders who are respectful and understand the UAE

Responsive Customer Service

Our responsive customer service team understands your unique needs and has knowledge about African and Caribbean products providing advice on the best products at all times whether you are looking for raw foodstuffs or groceries.