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Healthy Desserts Dubai - Ramadan Arabic Sweets Ideas

Healthy Desserts Dubai - Ramadan Arabic Sweets Ideas 2024


Almost all Muslims around the world love to eat sweets during the month of Ramadan. So at this time, you should eat sweets thinking about your health. Desserts are usually sweet and cold, so they are not too heavy on the stomach. So desserts are a perfect choice on the dining table during this holy month. Because healthy sweets will fulfill all your sweet needs in this month of worship. The joy Muslims feel during Iftar before the Maghrib call to prayer is like no other, and they feel blessed. So Sweet Iftar time is perfect for enjoying moments of incredible joy. In this post, I write about my favorite Middle Eastern, Asian, and African healthy and delicious desserts.

Let's Make the Best Dessert in Dubai and Try Something New

If you are a sweet lover, then Dubai is the perfect city for you. Here is a collection of different types of sweets. Dubai is known for its beauty, luxury and variety of sweets. So, if you are in Dubai this Ramadan, you should try these delicious sweets.

Luqaimat Arabic Sweet (Gaymat) - Best sweets in Dubai

Luqaimat is the most popular Arabic dish. It is a very tasty Arabic sweet which is made with yeast. These sweet dumplings are one of the most popular sweets eaten during Ramadan. This famous dish is usually eaten at Iftar during the holy month of Ramadan throughout the Middle East, including Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan. Gaymat is made with powdered milk, yeast, cardamom powder, date syrup, sesame seeds and sugar. After being fried to a beautiful golden brown, it is served enticingly dipped in date syrup and sprinkled with sesame seeds. This dessert dish also looks excellent with food. You can try this tempting dessert in your Iftar.


Eggless Lemon Olive Oil Cake - Best Vegan Cake Dubai

If you are a vegetarian, this vegan cake is the best choice for you. This vegan lemon olive oil cake is super healthy. The sweet and lemony taste will make your tongue water. The cake is so soft and moist that it melts in your mouth as soon as you bite it. Vegan dessert cakes are made without eggs, milk, or butter. So a high cholesterol-free dessert of milk, butter and eggs is perfect for a weight loss diet chart. The cake uses bananas instead of eggs, olive oil instead of butter, and plant milk instead of milk.


This vegan cake is becoming popular with dessert lovers all over the world day by day. So you can taste it in Iftar in the coming Ramadan. Vegan Cakes are available in many flavors in Dubai, such as vanilla Layer Cake, Apple Cinnamon Bundt Cake, Vegan Chocolate, Lemon Olive Oil Cake and many others. However, try your favorite flavored cake and discover a new dessert taste.


African Sweet Rice - Add a new taste to your dessert

Sweet rice is cooked like regular rice. This sticky rice dish is a very easy and sweet tasting dessert. In South Africa, it is also known as white rice. Milk, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar and coconut are added to cook it. Muslims serve this dish in their religious ceremonies. African sweet rice can be eaten both hot and cold. So if you like ice cream, you'll like it cold. Remember, white rice has a high glycemic index that can raise blood sugar levels. So, it should be avoided if you have diabetes.

South African Malva pudding

Malva pudding is a well known sweet pudding in Africa. This African dessert is served almost everywhere. In recent years, this pudding has become more popular around the world. 'Malva' is derived from the African word for "marshmallow". Malva pudding has apricot jam and a spongy caramelized texture. The dessert is served with sweet, creamy sauce, thin custard and ice cream. Soak it in a nice bath of creamy syrup pudding for a sweet taste. Malva Pudding is a very fluffy, moist cake and a comfort food for winter. However, you can taste this delicious African pudding.

African Plantain Cake - Sugar Free Cake Dubai

If you prefer to avoid sugar for diabetes, plantain cake is the perfect dessert for you. Plantain is a type of banana with a different taste and is only eaten cooked. Bananas are very large and very sweet when ripe. Plantain trees are commonly found in tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and South America. Plantain cake is basically made with overripe bananas, flour, baking powder, milk, lemon juice, and eggs. This delicious dessert has a light and moist consistency balanced in taste and texture. Plantain cake is a healthy snack as well as full of flavor. However, this cake is quite a popular dessert for its health benefits. Also, you can make it for your children. So serve it in Ramadan Iftar and make up for your vitamin B6 deficiency by eating it.


Almost all of us love sweets to some extent. So before eating this delicious dessert, it is necessary to know about the health benefits of these foods. Because 15-16 hours of fasting is required during Ramadan, So be careful in choosing food during Iftar. Desserts are usually delicious and tempting. When these deliciously delicious cakes are served to us, we are fascinated by the dish. However, We should choose healthy sweets; otherwise, our health risks will increase. Many sweets are available around us, and we will select those with health benefits.



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