Shipping Details


At Delbina Trading LLC-FZ, we ship to any address in the UAE. However, we can only do what the laws in your jurisdiction allow us to do. So, we are keen to observe product restrictions.

Delbina Trading LLC-FZ will package, label, and ship your orders as per the Delbina Trading LLC-FZ standard procedures, which adhere to local regulations and our specifications. The shipping details will include the date, carrier, the merchant’s details, customer and delivery details, and a statement narrative.

When you place an order, the delivery dates we give will depend on estimations made on the product's availability and the shipping options you choose.

Orders will be same day delivery for customers in dubai and Sharjah, 24 - 48hrs delivery for orders from Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. Furthermore, orders recieved from Abu Dhabi and other emirates customers would be delivered every tuesday

Delivery charges would apply depending on the actual order and delivery location:

Abu Dhabi (Every Tuesday): 150 - 200 aed

Ajman (24-48hrs) : 80 aed

Dubai (Same Day): 30 aed

Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Quwain (Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) : 150 - 200aed

Sharjah (Same Day): 60-70 aed



Remember, you can find details on the shipping costs charged charged for  companies on our website. Also, the shipping cost depends on the product's weight, which you can find on the product's page.

Most importantly, we round up weight to the next full pound.